Niio Skidders

Niio's hours

  • Friday          9 - 5
  • Satuday      9 - 5
  • Sunday       9 - 5

Niio loves the challenge of colour correcting and creative dimensional colours. She can take a part of you and make it shine, can formulate something that compliments you and is unique to your style. From the beginning of your conversation with Niio, to the process formulation, colour theory and light refraction through problem solving and the technical placement, every detail and thought all play out to create a beautiful painting that becomes apart of you. She will create a cut that is fit for your lifestyle, your texture, your body and face shape, your bad-itude.

Working with your natural texture, density, and colour, she can enhance your colour, face features, and body type. Sculpting and slicing to enhance curls so they create bounce and flow, shaping the hair from the inside to give longevity to help avoid the Xmas tree triangle in between cuts. Carve out a cut that gives you movement and volume where you need it and want it.

Niio loves to style!! blow outs- smooth, bouncy, wavy, Hollywood, beach babe, effortless sexy mess. “I woke up like dis”-Queen Bey.

Updos that will twist and turn and curl, she can create endless possibilities! She will take some inspiration and create a look perfect for you.

Niio's passion has always been helping others in any way she can. With tape in extensions she is able to help you bring thickness, length, and fullness, back into your hair! When she’s not at work you can find her cuddled up to her favourite block heads(pit bull and husband).