Lala's hours:

Wednesday   12 - 8
Thursday      9 - 8
Friday            9 - 6:30
Saturday       9 - 8

I'm Lala and I am originally from Brazil. I love the challenge stylizing possesses, To be able to support the client’s needs for a natural and customized appearance or style is exciting to me. I understand how hard it is to entrust your hair and trend with a stylist either because of a bad experience or no resources for the type of hair texture you have.

I went to hair school in Brazil in 2016 so I utilize my specialized techniques from there. My specialty is cutting curls, afros or wavy natural hair. Curly hair is my passion! I love to work with curly hair, no matter what category your curl. Wave, coil or afro, I can give you an amazing result. I also just LOVE punky Colors they are my favorites however I do an array of techniques.

I love art and I'm inspired to create! In my free time I enjoy drawing, I love making videos and taking pictures for social media. I create artistic applications with everyday makeup, fantasy applications and my own creations

Feel free to consult with me and check out my work.

* Due to Lala's training, experience with textured hair, knowledge of curl patterns and high demand her prices are higher than listed on our web site's price list. Please call to inquire.

Working with curly Hair

Curly hair is cut dry in order to visualize how each curl falls and to see the length of each curl. After the dry cut, you will have your hair washed, styled and dried with a diffuser. This type of cut is tailored to your hair's texture type and is ideal for those who primarily wear their in curls. However this method is not suitable for those who flat iron often. Please tell your stylist if you usually flat iron and the stylist will adapt the cut to your needs.



  • arrive with 100% Dry Hair
  • Hair must be down with *no ponytails pls
  • Hair Washed 2-3 days prior
  • No gels or heavy products