Lorri Dar

Lorri Dar

Lorri's hours:

  • Wednesday  9 - 5
  • Thursday    12 - 8
  • Friday           9 - 5
  • Saturday     12 - 8

Following in the footsteps of her salon-owning grandma, Lorri Dar opened Kokopelli in 1997 with visions of sophisticated work in a relaxed atmosphere. Lorri trained with Aveda, Sebastian, Redkin and Trevor Sorbie, and mentored for 7 years by the wonderful Kimico. In her work, Lori loves to use unique free style cutting techniques, paired with detailed colour formulations, to find just the right look for her clients. Drawing on a wide range of inspiration, Lorri's work has been featured both on runways and TV shows. Lorri is also a serious dog lover, music lover and the singer/bass player in the group, silent martin, with other projects in development.

Cutting technique

"I personally concentrate on the naturalness of the hair".

Curl types

When I look at hair I see shapes, shapes that can be molded to not only suit a person’s face and style but to the person as a whole. The technique I am about to describe works on all types of curly hair, even the laziest wave can have a more alive bounce. I can also apply this technique to straight hair to give effortless volume and great shape.

I love working with all hair types but working with the irregular nature of curly hair can be very interesting. It is a common technique to shape hair from the outside radius using specific angles. I concentrate on the naturalness of the curl. I focus on what the hair does and wants to do naturally. When you are born your hair doesn’t grow out even, its natural state is slightly uneven creating a medusa effect. Thus a hairstyle looks contrived with a 45-degree long layer shelf cut into it.

45 degree  cuts

In my years of experience I have found that if you cut only on the outside and make a perfect 45 degree angled cut, no matter how soft you polish the cut lines you end up with a quick grow out with a bell shaped head of hair. The bell shape then makes the shoulders disappear and therefore the butt look larger.

What I aim to achieve in my work are hairstyles that complement the whole body. A grow out period that lasts a longer without loosing shape. As well, with this technique unnecessary bulk is reduced from the hair, relieving headaches and creating quicker drying these are just a few advantages.


Slicing technique in action


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front view rear view


Product technique


thick coarse hair

This hair is particularly thick and somewhat course . With a lot of attention we have learned how manage her hair with the right shampoos/conditioners/product and colour . With shade EQ 3R we stain the grey hair . I mix clear into the formula to soften and close cuticle while adding shine. The same technique has been used as this client is petite we don't want her to look like all head our goal is to not have the appearance of a Q-tip rather some great angles with loose pieces to add freedom for the look an softness . I used extreme depth in my slices to achieve this look.