Leila Vance

Aaryn Alton

Leila's hours

  • Wednesday   10 - 6
  • Thursday      12 - 8
  • Friday &       12 - 8
  • Saturday      10 - 6
  • Sunday        11 - 7

Leila has a great insight for design and effortlessly brings it to fruition. Her ability to learn is illimitable, and she's boundless with ideas. Always willing to do anything, a care taker at heart, and able to have fun at the drop of a hat.

Her colour mixes and formulas are brilliant. From booming bright reds to intense cool blues, her tones are like a rich velvet, outlining every colour she creates. With a love for curls and texture, Leila helps enhance and embrace the natural movement of curly locks. Her updos are like fluid sculptures, combining delicate elements to give a sleek and beautiful finish.

With the use of extensions, Leila is able to transform hair to give people the confidence they are looking for. Either for fullness, length or a combination she will help choose the right type for you.

Instagram : @leilavance.hair