Aaryn Alton

Aaryn Alton

Aaryn's hours

  • Saturday 10-6
  • or upon request

About me:
Aaryn specializes in all color but really enjoys creating blondes and reds doing hi-lites, low-lites, all over placement then finishing with a cut and style.

Even at a young age, Aaryn's interests always involved art - drawing, painting, sculpting. One thing she made sure of, was to always use bright beautiful colors as this always made her feel very inspired and happy!

After finishing high school on Prince Edward Island, Aaryn enrolled in what was thought to be art school but turned out to be a Graphic Design program. Upon graduation, she moved to Vancouver and made use of her Design Degree for many years.

But Aaryn did not feel satisfied sitting at a computer on a daily basis. She wanted to do something that was creative but that also allowed for more personal interaction. Inspired by friends who were stylists, and with her mom's words in the back of her mind about becoming a stylist - Aaryn decided on a change. Seeing as she was constantly cutting, braiding and styling her friends and her mom's hair, even as a young girl!She became a stylist and has been on the Drive ever since!

Aaryn still paints and draws on paper but sees hair as the perfect medium. She enjoys sculpting this live 3-D structure everyday by coloring, cutting and styling. Aaryn feels very lucky to be able to apply her artistic creative mind to people's hair and create new looks!