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Expanding into extensions, Kokopelli has partnered with EMME Hair. EMME Hair will make you proud of your extension. The EMME Hair line is a luxurious hair extension line composed of 100% natural human hair, so none of that synthetic nonsense! Knowing where our hair comes from is of great importance. All the hair is ethically sourced and manufactured in Europe, with minimal chemical processing to preserve quality.

Whether your hair just isn't as thick as you'd like or you need to fill in some gaps or you want to be a mermaid with hair as long as can be we are equip with the knowledge and skills to give you the hair of your dreams.

Extension methods

Tape-in extensions

The tape-in hair extension method is gentle and versatile. This method can be used on a variety of hair types or densities and in conjunction with other extension methods. Tape-in style extensions are applied by sandwiching sections of your natural hair between two adhesive stripped hair pieces. The adhesive hair strips can be reused for up to a year if properly cared for.

Braidless weave extensions

A braidless weave, ideal for medium to thick hair, achieves the look of a traditional braided weave without pain or itch. This weave method employs a weft hair piece (sections of hair woven together at the root) which is sewn to silicone lined beads along the scalp. The weft pieces can be reused for over a year when cared for properly.

Nano and micro extensions

Nano and Micro extensions are the most delicate type of extensions Kokopelli offers and are ideal for use on fine hair. Strands are attached to your natural hair using a silicone lined ring. This method is versatile and can be used with other extension types. The strands can be reused several times if they are properly cared for and loved.

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Our Extension Team

Leila Vance
Tape-ins, Braidless Weave, Nano, and Micros

Tape-ins, Nano, and Micros

Sarah Flynn